Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Restore Mailbox using Recovery Storage Group in Exchange 2007?

Using Recovery Storage Group to restore mailbox items or complete mailboxes can be quite difficult for someone new to Exchange 2007 interface. RSG was introduced in Exchange 2003. It allows the mounting of production and backup databases side by side and uses built-in ExMerge in Exchange 2007 Tools to do the merge.

Here are detailed guidelines that you can download with screenshots and instructions on how to perform a restore from backup tapes using Symantec BackupExec and Exchange 2007 SP1 Recovery Storage Group.

Note: You can only have on RSG at a time.
Step 1
Open EMC on either active or passive nodes and go to Toolbox. Double click Database Recovery Management
Step 2 Get the latest updates if updates are available. If not, click Go to Welcome screen
Step 3 Enter the server name (CCR Node) and click Next
Step 4 Click Create a recovery Storage Group
Step 5 Click Storage Group that you want to restore (i.e. S07) and click Next

Step 5a Create a folder with the same name as shown for Recovery storage group (R00.log) log path (i.e. RSG20090828163917) under S07-LOGS subdirectory.
Step 5b Now click Browse for Recovery Storage Group (R00.chk) path and select the folder you created in the previous step.
Step 5c Click Create Recovery Storage Group
Step 6 Once storage group is created, click Go back to task center
Step 7a Now Login to the backup (media) server. Open Backup Exec GUI
Step 7b Create a Restore Job with settings shown in the following 3 screenshots and click submit. Wait for the job to finish restoring. The time it takes to restore will depend on weather you’re restoring from disk or tape. In this example we are restoring from disk.
Step 8 Go back to EMC and click on Mount or dismount databases in the recovery storage group
Step 9 Once completed click on Go back to task center
Step 10 Click on Merge or copy mailbox contents and follow the steps in the next 7 screenshots
Step 11 Once completed, click Go back to task center
Step 12 Click on Mount or dismount databases in the recovery storage group to dismount the database the recovery database. Follow the step in the next 4 screenshots

Congratulation! You have successfully restored a mailbox using Exchange 2007 Recovery Storage Group and embedded ExMerge.
You can now close EMC.


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