Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to remove Storage Groups in EMC Navisphere?

SAN maintenance is an integral part of and IT manager. However, many of us can't remember some of the easy steps that are required to perform some low level SAN maintenance tasks since we don't perform these tasks very often. Here are quick steps of how to remove a storage group after host(s) are decommissioned and no longer needs the storage.

1. Connect to Navisphere
2. Expand to Storage Group branch in the Local Domain tree
3. Select the storage group you want to remove and right click

4. Select Connect Hosts from the list

5. Select host from the left and click the left arrow to move the host to available hosts on the left.

6. Go to LUNs tab and select the LUNs at the bottom in the Selected LUNs

7. Click Remove

8. Click Apply and Ok

9. Right the click the storage group in question and select Destroy from the list

10. Confirm and close navisphere.

Note: The LUN(s) are still there. You can remove them by going to LUN folder branch and unbind them.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,

    i have disconnected host on storage group and i have deleted assigned LUN.

    But host is still there. I can see under to storage group but i could not see storage group properties - HOST tab. i could not remove lun.

    how can i fix this ?