Friday, January 29, 2010

Windows 2008 Failover Cluster & iSCSI - Quick Fact Checklist

Here is a quick check list you may need to setup a Windows 2008 failover cluster. Please remember you still need to gather information on application that you are trying to cluster i.e. SQL Server, etc.

- The network you use for iSCSI cannot be used for network communication
- You cannot use teamed network adapters, because they are not supported with iSCSI

- 2 separate LUNs: 1 Witness/1 Data
- Basic
- MBR or GPT

- Node & Disk Majority + Witness Disk: default for cluster with even nodes
***Node and Disk Majority means that the nodes and the witness disk each contain copies of the cluster configuration,
and the cluster has quorum as long as a majority (two out of three) of these copies are available.

- SCSI Primary Commands-3 (SPC-3)
- Persistent Reservations
- miniport driver --> Microsoft Storport storage driver
- Use LUN masking or zoning to separate volumes from other clusters
- Microsoft Multipath I/O (MPIO): DSMs are included in W2k8

Cluster Requirments:
- In Windows Server 2008, there is no Cluster service account.
- Microsoft Storage Manager for SANs

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