Sunday, January 31, 2010

Get notify about TrendMicro OfficeScan anti-virus pattern updates

This tool will alert you via email when latest version of TrendMicro OfficeScan 7.x antivirus pattern file is available so you can update your antivirus server and clients with the latest antivirus definitions. The pattern file update feature is not available in TrendMicro 7.x and administrators need to manually check for pattern version update 2-3 times a week.

You can use it as you like. You can download both source and binaries.

System Requirements: x86, .NET 1.x or above, Window OS

Binaries -
TrendMicro Anti-Virus Pattern File Update Alerter 7x Binaries.zipSource - TrendMicro Anti-Virus Pattern File Update Alerter 7x
Disclaimer: The software provided is as-is. Use it at your own risk. You are free to modify the code as you like.

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