Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Daily Exchange Health Checklist

Here a few daily tasks that I perform each morning after a cup of coffee to ensure that my Exchange environment is running smoothly. This has proven very helpful in preventing many issues with my Exchange servers. I came up with the list while managing Exchange 2000/2003 environments but it still helps me with Exchange 2007 as well. Hope it will help others out there.
  • Check event viewer for warnings/errors on all Exchange Servers
  • Check for database fragmentation
  • Check postmaster mailbox for NDRs
  • Check exchange statistics
  • Check bad mail folder for trends
  • Check OS status on Exchange boxes
  • Check if plenty of disk space is available on all BE & FE servers
  • Check for cluster failover in cluster admin
  • Check message load in the queue viewer
  • Check OS/Exchange Services
  • Check results of real-time performance monitoring for all servers
  • Review event, performance vs. anti-virus logs
  • Track message for security project
  • Verify integrity of Exchange Store


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